In-Clinic Abortion Services: Is It Safe?

Despite being a very safe procedure widely accessible to women in Singapore today, there are still many misconceptions about abortion that persist. Such myths are dangerous as they prevent women from receiving appropriate healthcare from accredited doctors and facilities. Let’s examine what an in-clinic abortion procedure entails, when in the context of a Ministry of Health-accredited provider.

What Is an In-Clinic Abortion?

An in-clinic abortion is a day surgical procedure that essentially ends a pregnancy and removes all pregnancy tissues safely and completely from the woman’s body. In Singapore, it must be done in an accredited abortion clinic or hospital to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the patient.

How Does an In-Clinic Abortion Work?

An in-clinic (surgical) abortion works by using gentle suction to remove pregnancy tissues from the uterus. Depending on the length of pregnancy and the overall health of the patient, abortion surgeons will advise which type of abortion is suitable.

There are two main types of an in-clinic abortion: suction abortion and dilation and evacuation (D&E):

  • Vacuum Aspiration – Also known as suction abortion, vacuum aspiration is considered to be the most common type of in-clinic abortion. It involves inserting a cannula through the vagina and into the uterus, and applying gentle suction to remove the pregnancy tissues. This procedure takes only around 10 minutes or so. For patients who are considering an abortion, vacuum aspiration can be done for early pregnancies up to 14 weeks.
  • Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) - For later-term pregnancies up to 24 weeks, doctors recommend D&E, which involves vacuum aspiration and the use of forceps to empty the uterus. Before this abortion service is carried out, an ultrasound is done to date the pregnancy.

Safety of an In-Clinic Abortion

An in-clinic abortion is a very safe and well-established procedure, and one of several ways to manage a Singapore unplanned pregnancy. It carries minimal risk of complications if done by a licenced doctor in an accredited clinic or hospital.

Is an In-Clinic Abortion Effective?

Accredited and proper abortion services in Singapore are considered to be effective in terminating pregnancies without any major issue, if any at all.

When Can a Patient Access an In-Clinic Abortion?

In-clinic abortion is available for pregnancies up to 24 weeks under Singapore law, unless the pregnancy is found to threaten the life of the woman, or if an abortion is needed to prevent grave and permanent physical/mental injury of the woman. Apart from this, women in Singapore are generally able to access unrestricted abortions before 24 weeks of the pregnancy.

Why Do People Choose an In-Clinic Abortion?

Faced with an unwanted pregnancy in Singapore, some patients opt for an in-clinic abortion because they will be safely tended to by licensed doctors, medical staff, and proper equipment.

Achieving a future pregnancy after abortion or increased risk of miscarriages after abortion. Abortion has become a key instrument in empowering women to have a choice with regards to their bodies, specifically when they want to conceive and start a family.

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