Making A Decision About an Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancies are relatively common, whether through a rare failure of contraception, improper use of contraception or having unprotected sex. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy in Singapore, a decision has to be made about whether to carry through with the pregnancy or terminate it, depending on one’s values and situation.

Options when faced with an unintended pregnancy

Women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy may find themselves considering the following options:

  • Continue with the pregnancy and raise the child.
  • Continue with the pregnancy and opt for an alternative care option such as adoption.
  • Terminate the pregnancy through an abortion.

Where can one get advice for an unplanned pregnancy in Singapore?

Women should not only have medical support but also logistical and emotional support while navigating this difficult situation. They may seek advice from a therapist or a school counsellor, or any other trusted individual in their lives. Ideally, one should receive advice that is non-biased and non-directive, which means that the ultimate decision should still lie with the woman at the end of the day.

Receiving medical care for an unplanned pregnancy

Regardless of whether one decides to continue with or terminate the pregnancy, all pregnant women should visit a gynaecologist to check on their health, stage of pregnancy, and have their medical care options clearly presented to them.

When can a pregnancy be terminated?

Should a woman decide to terminate the pregnancy, common reasons for doing so usually include:

  • The baby will be born with a serious medical condition/birth defect.
  • The pregnancy puts the woman’s or baby’s life at risk.
  • The parents are not financially secure to raise a child.
  • The woman faces severe ostracization by family for a pregnancy out of wedlock.
  • The pregnancy would interfere with one’s educational or career plans.
  • The parents want to focus on their current children.

Things to consider before an abortion

If, after much consideration, a woman has decided to terminate a pregnancy, some important things to consider before an abortion include:

  • Prioritizing one's physical, mental, and emotional well-being
  • Not rushing into a decision (but not for too long either as the risks of an abortion increase as the pregnancy advances)
  • Seek multiple sources of advice from trusted individuals and organizations
  • Stay well-informed by medical professionals on what an abortion entails, and refrain from falling for misconceptions about abortion
  • Surrounding oneself with a supportive circle
  • Seeking out an experienced and accredited doctor

W GYNAE Women’s Clinic provides a safe and sensitive Singapore abortion service with every patient’s best interest in mind. The clinic also offers post-abortion care services and ensures that abortion procedures are clearly explained to allow the woman to make an informed decision.

Prior to an abortion, there is a government-mandated counselling session provided to ensure that the woman is certain to proceed with the procedure, or if they decide not to in the end; in which case their decision will be fully respected.