Pregnancy After Abortion

An in Singapore is considered to be a safe and medically established method for terminating an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. However, one prevailing misconception is that it can lead to fertility issues and pregnancy complications in future.

Does a past abortion affect future pregnancy?

Many women do go on to become pregnant and have children after undergoing abortion, sometimes even shortly after, if they were not careful with contraception.

When done by a skilled abortion surgeon in an accredited abortion clinic, the procedure poses little to no harm to a woman’s reproductive organs and fertility. Contrary to what some may believe, a past abortion will not result in miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and preterm birth in the future.

However, if a woman has multiple abortion surgeries within a short span of time, she may be at risk of scar tissue formation in the uterus, or a weakened cervix. Nonetheless, these issues can be properly treated or managed should she decide to have a baby in the future.

How soon can a woman get pregnant after an abortion?

Following an abortion procedure, a woman can expect her period to return within 4 to 8 weeks. In many cases, ovulation resumes as early as two weeks after the surgery. This means that a woman can get pregnant again before her first menstrual cycle after an abortion.

Prior to a , it is important for the doctor to discuss contraception options to avoid another unwanted pregnancy. Sexual intercourse is prohibited for two weeks after an abortion to allow the body to heal.

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